Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bagong umaga, bagong pag-asa

A people long enslaved and lost in the darkness of the macabre past could only hope to be delivered and rescued from their poverty and destitution by well-meaning individuals and entities. For despite great advances in technology and other aspects of society, it can not be denied that millions, countless masses of society still live in sub human standards and suffer the brunt of crime, pestilences, unemployment, and deceases. While a few, spoiled members of the Philippine elite enjoy themselves in worldly opulence and abundance, millions of the long-suffering Filipino masses struggle for grim survival at the brutal ground-level places of our country.WE are not children to be fooled by pretenses to national prosperity. Our cities and towns may be bathed in colorful lights, still, in the dark alleys and bleak streets, hopelessness and hunger lurk and wait for the poor citizens whose cries are drowned by the false declarations of the state and the wild orgies of the rich.

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