Sunday, March 23, 2008

corrupt Arroyo administration

What to do about the self-serving tenants in Malacanang palace who weild such deadly power over the hapless Filipino masses?

Despite snowballing consensus among the vox populi to end the disastrous reign of terror of the Arroyo administration, still those beasts in glittering ternos and barong tagalogs and business suits cling to dear positions of unmitigated power and privilege like overfed leeches as if they want to suck very dry the entire blood of the dying Filipino nation.

Under the present dismal conditions, there is no doubt very little, if no hope for this country. When those holding the reigns of the government clearly show no love for the people and the motherland and are only holding office mainly to seek personal advancement. Just look at how they use public funds to bribe key religious leaders and military officers who otherwise could initiate popular movements that will eventually topple President Arroyo and her greedy minions from the seat of political power.

There is no need to enumerate all shortcomings of this inutile, corrupt administration. The evidence is palpable and clearly can be seen even by the simple man in the street. The very recent NBN contract with China alone should be ample cause to vent anger in the streets and shake fists against this mal-administration. As if simple theft of the public coffers is not enough, the disturbing reports of selling the country’s sovereignty over the possibly oil rich Spratlys islands goads the national physique and collective consciousness into feverish at such inroads of Philippine pride. Who are these greedy politicians who chose to kiss the ass of Chinese scoundrels who just gave away precious national territory for some paltry hundreds of millions of dollars? Even Marcos in his heydey never thought of doing this dastardly act of treason. Gloria Arroyo and her cronies must answer these charges at once and explain to the Filipino people why she must be allowed to sit in that throne in malacanang any longer…

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