Monday, March 24, 2008

famine in the Philippines?

Who’s to blame for the looming rice shortage(and possible famine) in the Philippines?

These days the imbeciles and clowns in malacanang(that cursed palace!) are crowing about a projected shortage of Filipino’s staple food – the beloved rice. How outrageous,, this despite the very visible fact that the Philippines is an archipelago supposedly blessed with large swaths of arable, fat land which could be utilized for producing life-sustaining agricultural products such as corn and rice.

And now, they are wringing their heads in consternation at what to do come the threat of famine.

But who is mainly to blame for this dismal state of affairs?

Concerned Filipinos must remember that the government in the past years had removed rice plantations in favor of sugarcane fields and other plants which the Arroyo administration claimed will produce bio-fuel.

The hell with this bio-gas joke. Look at the mess were in now. They’ve eradicated the abundant rice fields just for the silly experiments to make alternative fuels and still we are still importing oil.

Nobody’s to blame for this problem but this flimsy excuse of a state which we have now.

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