Saturday, July 23, 2005

deeper into the quagmire

I wake up from a deep slumber and wished I'd just continue sleep and dream of all kinds of utupias that I can design of in my visions.
I can sense and know that all throughout the country and the world, parallel-minded individuals are dreaming my dreams, and designing their own utupias for the greater good of many.

But I snap and rise out to face a stark, grim reality of a country in deep trouble, of planet Earth dangerously slipping into anarchy as mankind face a new kind of war, a war that is so ugly, so brutal and merciless that the world had never experienced before. Global terrorism has gripped the whole world in all its boundless and barbaric savagery that even the most powerful nations like Russia, United States, Spain, and Britain are rocked out of their safe complacency. The message is clear. No one is really safe in this present world. Those bombs exploding even in the most secure corners of the globe sent deadly ripples of terror all over the civilized world and clearly affected precarious economies.

Just where are we present-era humans are headed to? I briefly reflect on the Philippines usual woes: the present political crisis that is threatening to break-up the country into several misguided republics at the whim of self-serving officials whose loyalties are clearly not for the nation but for one person-the present boarder of that curse-malacanang palace. Up to this time, there's no single Filipino who is really capable of saving the motherland from destitution and despair. The present crop of so-called "leaders" are nothing but gangheads and modernized kingpins who will only make matters even worse since not one among their pack can be considered a messiah. So once more, I air my plea to otherworldly intelligencies from outer space to race toward Earth as soon as possible and vaporize our existing rotten and corrupt bureacracy for good and install a real utupia in place.

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