Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Filipinos' only hope: An otherworldly invasion

A plea to benevolent otherworldly civilizations

The past weeks have been a complete waste of our national resources due to political infighting among our inutile and self-serving officials(they cannot be called leaders, because they do not deserved such titles) Our poor country-the Philippines has been made the laughingstock of our planet because of the folly and corruption of most of our "elected" officials who serve no one but themselves. Our country has vast resources that can be harnessed to provide livelihood for our people but our government does nothing to improve our economy. Instead, our worthless officials encourage our women to sell their bodies to foreigners in order to attract monetary income.

May I then , a humble and obscure citizen of the Philippines, air a desperate plea to you to end our people's sufferings by sending as soon as humanly possible an armada of hope which will remove the present Arroyo administration and install in its place a benevolent mission which will work for the welfare of our nation and help us build great country.

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JohnXXV said...

I read your article. I am thankful there are Filipinos like you out there like you.