Wednesday, July 27, 2005

First transmission of this blog to inhabited outer space, together with millions of others, is scheduled on August 12, 2005
so for the meantime I'll try to fill-in bits and pieces about the latest events in my country and the world.

There is a sort of lull in the political struggle between the Arroyo administration and the collective opposition but we expect
of further destabilazation moves from the latter and maybe even a dreaded action by some impatient units of the fractitious
Armed forces of the Philippines. So far, the latest headline is the plan by Arroyo to set the motion for totally changing the form
of government from presidential to parliamentary system. The announced excuse as usual is economic progress being made
faster in parliamentary form since laws are passed without opposition in a unicameral governing body unit. But as most Filipinos
suspect, there is a hidden agenda in charter change-that is political monopoly of power by one ruling coalition.
As I have pointed out, and will continue to stress, the Philippines need improvement in values of our officials and most important
total changed of persons running the day to day affairs of our nation.

But there is no hope for us now except a benevolent mission of your advanced civilizations and rescue our planet from our
corrupt and inutile rulers.

Please do not fail us now. You are our only hope.

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